Does your church or non-profit need a way to raise funds for a project?
Are you in charge of a fundraiser for your child’s school, dance troop or ball team? Are you tired of the same candy and popcorn companies, gift wraps and wreaths?
Are you tired of expending a tremendous amount of time, only to receive pennies on the dollar for your group?
If you are a team, school organization or other nonprofit group looking to raise funds, please reach out to me for more information.

10 reasons to use Coffee for your next Fundraiser

  1. It’s Free (It doesn’t cost you anything to start)
  2. It’s easy and simple to organize and promote
  3. Everyone can participate
  4. Coffee can be part of a year-long fundraising effort (sell coffee during holidays, church events, book club meetings, etc.)
  5. Your organization keeps 80% of the profits
  6. Your organization sets the rules, incentives, deadlines, and prices
  7. Coffee can be a healthy alternative to candy, cookies, etc.
  8. Over 200 million Americans drink coffee daily (You don’t have to force coffee on anybody.  Say you have it, people will buy
  9. Can be “pre-sold”
  10. Teas, Latte’s, Mocha’s and Hot Chocolate also available.
  11. 8 coffee & teas in Single Serve Sachets (all you need is hot water)
  12. 10 coffee & teas in Single Brewing Cups for use in K-cup type machines

SW Ventures Group makes holding your next fundraiser easy and profitable.  No need for several fundraiser as your profits will be much higher.  Your customers will appreciate purchasing something they use everyday.

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