Are you an entrepreneur?

Are you one of those people who always had that entrepreneurial spirit? Have you always wondered about work at home options? Have you looked at a variety of businesses, maybe even tried a few?

I was that way too. In fact, a lot of people in the circles I run in have called themselves ‘serial entrepreneurs’. We can’t help it. We want more out of life than an 8-5 job. And not everyone is like that. There are a variety of reasons for why people get involved in entrepreneurship, and it certainly has risks and rewards. If you are considering going into your business for yourself, here are some things to consider.


  • Lots of sweat


Being an entrepreneur is not easy. The funny thing is that we all think, “Oh, if I work for myself, I will be so happy.”

The truth is it is hard work. In fact, it is harder work than we likely have ever done. And yet, at the same time, it is easy. It is easy because we are engaged with a passion. We are responsible for every dollar that comes in. It doesn’t come in from punching a time clock though. It now comes in based on our efforts, our strategy, and our own discipline.


  • I am responsible! Oh, crap, I am responsible!


So our own efforts, strategy and discipline can be very empowering, but can also be very scary. I think of it this way:

I get up every day at 7 and go to work at a job and every day make $100 per day. It doesn’t matter if I produced 15 widgets or 50 widgets- and I do both, depending on the day. I know if I lack production at my job, I can lose it. I may like it, I may not. I may get a raise, I may not. I may be stressed, hate my co-workers, wish for a vacation day but regardless, I get up every day at 7 and go to my job. OR

I get up every day at 7 and work on my business. Some days I make $20 and invest in myself and other days I make $900. Some days I am refining my strategy. Other days I focus on production. Integrity and customer service becomes my boss because if I don’t have those things, I won’t have my business. I love what I do because I have choices- choices to work or not. Choices on who I work with or don’t. And it’s the biggest personal development adventure I have ever taken.


  • Positivity


State of mind, namely, keeping positive, is a critical part of being an entrepreneur. That’s why us entrepreneurs get together. We network, we go to seminars and events, we attend training and we get together to talk about what’s working, what’s going well, what we can celebrate.

Some people may think we are crazy for doing so, but it’s so important! Our positive mindset says, “I can do this!” “I can create something out of nothing!” “I can have the life of my dreams!” As entrepreneurs, we choose to surround ourselves with positive thought, positive people and positive experiences. Maybe that is why we become addicted to this lifestyle- yes indeed, entrepreneurship is a lifestyle.


  • Fast and Slow


While some people find huge financial benefits rather quickly in just a few months, others take years. If there was a magic system for getting rich quick, people would jump on it. In fact, that’s how so many people have gotten involved with scams. They failed to look at what was true in a hungry attempt to fill their wallets.

True entrepreneurship involves risks, but calculated ones. It involves hard work and positivity and the support of a team. Set an expectation that two years from now you could have the financial independance of entrepreneurship. If two years from now you were in a better place financially, would you accept that? Most people would. But no one can be there if they don’t take that first step. And, who knows, you could be one of the ones who beats the odds and sees huge financial benefits within months… you don’t know unless you try. And, would you accept just some financial growth? Are you ok with a few extra dollars in your pocket while you build your empire?

If you are ready to learn more about how to be an entrepreneur with a supportive, positive team of other entrepreneurs and work hard so your future has more of what you want, contact me. I will share with you the tools I have learned along the way to create success.


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