Why retirees love selling Organo Gold Coffee From Better Coffee Today

Are you retired or looking to retire or simply change what you are currently doing?  There are many looking to leave their current jobs because of burnout and stress related to it.  Let’s face it, working for a corporation isn’t what it used to be.

You used to work for a company for 30 or more years.  They appreciated you and you appreciated them.  With our economy continuing to be “flat” no one is really seeing increases or bonuses like they used to.  Employers are stressing to keep up with keeping their doors open and employees feel that stress.  

Costs continue to rise, but incomes do not.  Following are some excerpts I found interesting from the 2013 Merrill Lynch Retirement Study.

The 2013 Merrill Lynch Retirement Study reveals new insights into people’s approaches to and thoughts about retirement, including:


  • Retirees aren’t retiring — they’re exploring new options, going after life long dreams
  • They’re seeing early retirement as a bonus.  A chance to devote energy to pursuits they may not have had the time or freedom to chase during the “career” portion of their lives
  • To stay stimulated, and to strengthen and expand their social network.


  • The “Me Generation” is becoming the “Us Generation.”
  • Retirees are finding comfort, meaning and safety in connections with family, friends and communities.


  • Today’s retirees are defining happiness in terms of new experiences
  • Peace of mind and helping others.

So what to do?  What will allow you the flexibility to work your own schedule, take time off when YOU want and still be able to maintain your lifestyle?

Being self-employed allows you this flexibility.  It also gives you tax write offs for your home, travel and events.  Think you might want to travel in your “retirement” years?  Why not reach out to friends all around the world that are thinking the same thing as you?

One of the best benefits I have discovered is the reunions I have had with friends and family.  Those who have chosen to join me in becoming Connoisseurs of Coffee & Tea can build a huge network of like-minded people.  We do it separately, but not by ourselves.  Brainstorming with each other about what has worked and what hasn’t is huge in building your business.

Becoming a Connoisseur of Coffee & Tea is easy to get started, certainly takes work and focus, but is so WORTH IT!  The rewards are many.  

Reach out to me for more information.  Perhaps you will decide to join us in having fun, building a community of like-minded teams and traveling the world if you choose.