It is a cold afternoon and Bob reaches for a cup of coffee.  Bob works 7 months out of the year, in the oil fields of North Dakota, always coming home to Colorado for the winter months.

For years, he had the same routine of making a pot or two of coffee at 5 am when his day started. He filled his two Thermoses and went out for the day of work.  He didn’t know anything different.  Day after day, he drank coffee that had been sitting around for 9 hours!  It was so bad by the afternoon, it would make his toes curl.  But he didn’t know he had any other choice.  There were no coffee shops offering him a fresh cup of coffee where he is.

Last year when he came home to Colorado for the winter months, he was introduced to Organo Gold Coffee products.  His wife knew he would scoff at the sachets, so she fooled him.  She went to their kitchen and fixed him a fresh cup of coffee using our Black Noir sachet.  He loved the smooth, robust flavor and asked her if she had switched brands.

She said yes and explained she had been given a sample of Organo Gold Coffee and liked the flavor and convenience.  She told him how she liked not having to make (and waste) and entire pot when she only wanted a single cup of coffee.

Bob was skeptical because he remembered the instant coffee of days gone by and how awful it tasted. But this was one he enjoyed. He even enjoyed a second cup.

Today, Bob no longer brews his 5 am coffee.  He simply heats up water and pours it into his Thermos.  Whenever he wants a fresh cup of coffee, he opens the sachet, pours it into his cup and adds hot water.  He simply stirs it and enjoys!

His life had changed for the better!  Not only is he drinking a healthy choice, but he enjoys a fresh cup of coffee every time.  Organo Gold single serve coffee sachets go with him, wherever he travels.