Are you an entrepreneur?

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you one of those people who always had that entrepreneurial spirit? Have you always wondered about work at home options? Have you looked at a variety of businesses, maybe even tried a few? I was that way too. In fact, a lot of people in the circles I run in have called themselves ‘serial entrepreneurs’. We can’t help it. We want more out of life than an 8-5 job. And not everyone is like that. There are a variety of reasons for why people get involved in entrepreneurship, and it certainly has risks and rewards. If you are considering going into your business for yourself, here are some things to consider.   Lots of sweat   Being an entrepreneur is not easy. The funny thing is that we all think, “Oh, if I work for myself, I will be so happy.” The truth is it is hard work. In fact, it is harder work than we likely have ever done. And yet, at the same time, it is easy. It is easy because we are engaged with a passion. We are responsible for every dollar that comes in. It doesn’t come in from punching a time clock though. It now comes in based on our efforts, our strategy, and our own discipline.   I am responsible! Oh, crap, I am responsible!   So our own efforts, strategy and discipline can be very empowering, but can also be very scary. I think of it this way: I get up every day at 7 and go to work at a job and every day make $100...

How to work on your business long distance

With the advent of Skype, Google hangouts, and many other online systems, working with your team nationally becomes much easier. Weekly conference style phone calls support the distributors and are excellent to invite guests to listen in on as well.

There are local events and events all over the world that you can attend. You just plug in where ever you are.