There is nothing better than spending time in our beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado!  Each year I look forward to spending time during autumn to see what colors Mother Nature will share with us.  For those of you like me that visit every year, you know what I mean!

This year was spectacular.  The weather during my week in September averaged 75 degrees during the day and the cooler 50’s at night.

enjoy a fresh cup of coffee

Millions of photos are taken during the fall season, no matter whether you are in the Rockies or viewing all the glorious red colors available in New England.

While I travel and experience the colors of fall, I love BetterCoffee.Today’s organic coffee. It keeps me more alert and focused so I can really enjoy the colors of fall around me.

If you enjoy traveling then you have probably suffered from the same thing I used to…. Bad coffee and sometimes very bad coffee- that spoon standing up in the cup thick, gooey bad coffee.  The coffee talked about in police stations, “rot gut coffee”.  

This is the last thing you want to experience.  After spending a beautiful day in the outdoors you want to sit down for a wonderful cup of coffee.  You find that perfect deck or patio where you can continue to enjoy your views.  Unfortunately the coffee you made early in the day just doesn’t live up to the enjoyment of your day as it should.

Research states that after 2 hours a pot of drip brewed coffee has lost its “mojo”.  The longer you keep a pot of drip coffee hot, the greater its denigration and also the increase in acidity.

enjoy coffee and fall colors

There is an easy and healthy solution!  My company, SW Ventures Group, aka is an online single serve coffee company.  We offer single serve sachets in a variety of flavors, just as Mother Nature gives us several colors. I invite you to explore our organic coffees as you watch and enjoy the colors of fall.