When starting a new business there are many mistakes that can happen. I help people mitigate those fumbles. Most of them I’ve already fumbled on or someone else around us has.

The life of building a company is easier when you’re going down that route with someone who has already been there.

One of the biggest obstacles is the Fear Factor of starting a new business. You have to break through that fear and sometimes having a mentor sitting next to you helps.

Someone who you can comfortably share your fears with and they can walk you through it.

When you first get started we work with you on your Game Plan and Story. A Game Plan is simply finding out what your goals are. This is all about “you” and what you want to build. Once you share your goals we can assist you to getting there.

The second step is guiding you to get your story set. We help you develop your “Why you began your Organo business” and “Who brought you in” and “Where you are going”.

Every step of the way you have help. All you need to do is ask. Again, you build your own business, but you are never by yourself on the journey.

We have systems in place to guide you, also realizing that you will put your own touch into it as well.

SW Ventures Group dba BetterCoffee.Today is the third company I have built. There have been many lessons I have learned along the way. The difference for me with Organo is that their system was already in place. I didn’t have to build it. I just needed to “plug-in” and learn it and then duplicate it! That is exactly what you will do.

We look forward to having you learn more and perhaps jumping in and beginning your own Organo journey.

Remember…it’s easy, it’s simple, it’s coffee…..