Looking for a different fundraiser?


Does your dance troupe need new costumes for that contest in a few months?

Does your school need to get to another state and needs funds for transportation?

Are you tired of your kids coming home with boxes of candy bars? (Yes, you know you are supposed to help sell them, but you end up buying them yourself.)

Ready for a different kind of fundraiser?

How about raising money together for your organization by selling something organic and healthy and with a great profit margin?

Organo Gold Coffee is naturally lower in caffeine, gives you more focused energy, and contains less acid than any other coffee on the market. With several varieties to choose from, including traditional Black Coffee, Teas, Mocha, Latte and Hot Chocolate, there is something to please every one.

A single serve package, or ‘sachet’ of our coffee with 6-8 oz.  of hot water, is all you need to enjoy a fresh cup. It is instantly ready- no need to wait for a coffee pot to brew! And for those who like cold beverages, the sachet’s can be prepared with hot water and then poured over ice for a perfect iced coffee, iced mocha, iced tea and more!


Your organization purchases the products directly from us at a discount, and then is able to sell it for the profit margin you need to meet your fundraising goals! The products are sold in convenient boxes of 12-30 servings (depending on variety) or even in BrewKups(r) for machines that require single serving cups. It’s never been easier to offer a simple fundraising solution!

Imagine healthy organic coffee instead of poorly made fundraising products or endless candy bars!

The Organo Gold Coffee packets are convenient, don’t melt and are a very easy to sell. Almost every household and office in America has a coffee maker, and most people purchase coffee on a daily basis. You can capture this market AND make money for your organization.


Holding an event fundraiser?

Serve hot cups of Organo Gold Black Coffee, Tea, Mocha, Latte and Hot Chocolate and receive an even higher profit per cup!


Contact Sally Wurr at 303 522 6006 or fill out the form below to start raising more money for your organization than you ever did with another fundraiser!

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