Did you change your coffee drinking habits to the “decaf” variety?  Many people have switched because the caffeine keeps them up at night or gives them the “coffee jitters”

While it is good to perhaps lower your caffeine intake, there are healthier ways of doing it besides drinking decaf brands.

Real organic coffee beans naturally contain caffeine. It’s only natural, so how do you think decaffeinated coffee is created?

The answer is actually quite shocking.

Do you know what makes coffee ‘decaf’?

In an article written by Coffee Confidential they discuss 4 different ways our coffee can be decaffeinated. But, did you also know…

Much of the natural flavor of the coffee bean is lost in the process of decaffeinating coffee


BUT, you are not just losing caffeine and flavor!

Basically, the removal of caffeine from coffee beans has two main methods: Solvents and Swiss Water process.

Decaf Method # 1 ~ the most common method

This is usually performed on beans while they are in their “green, unroasted” state.  The chemical Methylene chloride is used to draw the natural caffeine out of the beans.  Green coffee beans are steamed, then they are rinsed eight to twelve times with solvents. These solvents include: Benzene (known to have carcinogenic properties), Trichloroethylene, Dichloromethane and even Chloroform (often used in murder mystery TV shows and movies to get people into trunks of cars).
Sounds disgusting and unhealthy, right?
Well, the federal government (FDA) says that it is not harmful to drink decaf coffee produced this way.  But do you really want to have a cup of coffee where a chemical such as these are used?

A very successful national coffee chain uses the solvent method to produce their “decaffeinated coffee” in all but their Decaf Sumatra(r).

Decaf Method # 2 ~ Swiss Water process

The use of water as the solvent to create decaf coffee was developed in Switzerland many years ago.  It relies on immersing green coffee beans in very hot water, then the water is drawn off and passed through an activated charcoal filter.

Again, here the potential exists to reduce the rich, full bodied flavor of real coffee.

A Healthier Solution to Decaf Coffee

So, enter Organo Gold coffee.

Our coffee is naturally lower in caffeine because it is a 100% Arabica bean.

We infuse our coffee with a natural substance called njasgac, a naturally organic herb, which further reduces the caffeine to 9 mg. per 8 oz. cup, while still preserving the great taste you will love.

You don’t have to look for “decaf” on any of our delicious healthy coffee products, because they are ALL lower in caffeine than regular store bought coffee. No need to worry about coffee jitters, or to lose the flavor of your after dinner cup of coffee. In fact, some consumers of our product not only feel more alert during the day, but also sleep better at night!

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