I am reminded of the old service saying:

This model says, pick 2 out of the options of ‘Good’, ‘Fast’ and ‘Cheap’. And overall, I do think that is true, but not always. Instead I like this model:

fast cheap good coffee pick twoWe have options. We can chose:

directionsign copyOption 1

Option 2




With Organo Gold we have options. You really can choose good, fast and cheap. Each cup of freshly perfectly brewed coffee is under $3 per cup.



In the past, people loved the convenience of instant coffee, but the flavor wasn’t as full bodied and satisfying as fresh brewed. With Organo, you still get rich flavors with the added benefit of the ganoderma herb. And talk about choices! Just some of the coffee flavors we offer are African Red, Caramel Vanilla, Columbian Roast, Latte, and Mocha. And for those who don’t care for coffee, we also offer Rodeo Chai, Green Tea, Red Tea, Black Tea and Hot Chocolate. We also offer the herb separately for those who want the benefits in addition to their their drink.



No more stale coffee! Enjoy a fresh cup every time you want one with our single serving brewing cups and sachets. Simply brew your coffee in your single cup machine, or add hot water to a mug that has your favorite flavor. In fact, if you are the type of person who uses a Thermos for your coffee, you can now fill it with hot water instead of coffee, and pour yourself a fresh cup each and every time you are ready for one.



I really am not a fan of this word because I think ‘cheap’ has a connotation with poor quality. And this is certainly true in many cases. In the case of our healthier coffees made with organic ganoderma, cheap doesn’t mean lowered quality. In fact, each cup of Organo coffee is less than franchise coffee chains, and, they don’t have the negative acidity of those brews.


Choices, choices, choices!

Don’t settle for simply picking 2! You have so many more options than that!

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